VB.net Programming Challenge 11-1 Part 7: Bank Account (VB.net Events)

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Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic
Visual Basic Programming Challenge 11-1 Part 7: Bank Account (VB.net Events)

Almost finished. Just polishing the vb.net events, and working on logic to make the form events as well as events called from our classes work as expected

Write a program to maintain a person’s savings and checking accounts. The program should keep track of and display the balances in both accounts, and maintain a list of transactions (deposits, withdrawals, fund transfers, and check clearings) separately for each account. The two lists of transactions are stored in text files.
The program should use two classes: Transaction and Account.
The class Transaction should have properties for transaction name, amount, date, and whether it is a credit (deposit) or a debit (withdrawal / check).
The class Account, which will have both a checking account and a savings account as instances, should use an array if Transaction objects. In addition, it should have properties for name (Checking or Savings) and balance. It should have methods to carry out a transaction (if possible) and to load the set of transactions from a text file. The events InsufficientFunds and TransactionCommitted should be raised at appropriate times.



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