C# How To Program Intro to the project. Demonstrating what we’ll be creating. Creating our C# classes. The Logo language made the concept of turtle graphics famous. Imagine a mechanical turtle that walks around the [More]
Visual C# How To Program In this exercise we’ll be using C# 2 dimensional arrays to calculate totals for rows and columns. C# rectangular arrays will be used extensively throughout the exercise. Use a rectangular [More]
We finish our program by creating more C++ methods, including a test methods that contains our control values. We put everything together and optimize some of the C++ loops. Create an app that randomly chooses [More]
We continue to build our program and create C++ functions that assign the numbers to a C++ d2 array and displays our magic square on the grid. Create an app that randomly chooses numbers 1-9 [More]
In this tutorial we’ll set up C++ functions that randomly select numbers 1-9 and assigns them to a C++ array. Create an app that randomly chooses numbers 1-9 and evaluates if the result is a [More]
C# Programming Challenge: Working with C# Two Dimensional Arrays (finding lowest and highest number). Determine the lowest and the highest number in a two dimensional array of integers. DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE: HighestLowest2DArrayYT
C# Programming Challenge: Anagram (using C# arrays, String.ToCharArray, and C# loops) You are given a string array with words. Some of the words are anagrams (the letter from one word creates the second word ie. [More]
In this conclusion of the series we compare player’s and computer’s poker hands and determine the winner. We then display the results on the screen. DOWNLOAD ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Project Poker DOWNLOAD FINAL SOURCE CODE: PokerGame
In this video we create methods and comparisons to determine what poker hand the player and computer hold. We utilize arrays and if statements to perform comparisons of the cards against official poker hand. DOWNLOAD [More]
In this video we create methods that display both player’s and computer’s hand on the screen. We format the Console size and colors and position each card neatly in the row. DOWNLOAD ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Project Poker [More]
In this video we create a DealCards class that serves as an engine to deal 5 cards for the player and 5 cards for the computer. We then sort the hand to be able to [More]
In this video we utilize Conole methods and properties to create a drawing engine for displaying our cards in Console window. We create the outline of the card and print the card Suit and value [More]