C# 2012 How To Program – Control Statements Pt.2 Programming Challenge 6.17: Calculating Sales with C# ArrayLists, For Loops, Switch Statements A website sells three products whose retail prices are as follows: product 1, $2.98; [More]
Write a program that lets the user enter the total rainfall for each of 12 months into an array of doubles. The program should calculate and display the total rainfall for the year, the average [More]
C# Intro to OOP. Create a class representing a student. Include characteristics such as student number, first and last name, overall GPA, classification, and major. Write at least two constructors. Include properties for each of the data items. Create a second class that instantiates the first class with information about yourself. In the second class, create a class method that displays your name and GPA. DOWLOAD SOURCE CODE: 04-01-studentinfooop
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Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic Visual Basic Programming Challenge 5-pp2: Calculating Restaurant Bill with Functions and Subs Write a program to compute customer’s bill. The vendor sells pizza slices for $1.75, fries for $2.00 [More]
In this part, we create C# class methods and calculated properties that calculate the required data, such as BMI, Target Heart Rate, Age and other. In this exercise, you’ll design a “starter” HealthProfile class for [More]
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