C++ Serendipity Booksellers College Project Part 1 – Program Specifications

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Program Specifications

Serendipity Booksellers is a small bookstore located in a shopping mall. They have a cashier station equipped with a personal computer. The manager wants you to develop a point-of-sale (POS) software package that will make the computer function as a cash register and keep an inventory file. The inventory file will be a database of all the books in the bookstore. In general, the software is to perform the following tasks:
• Calculate the total of a sale, including sales tax
• When a book is purchased, subtract it from the inventory file
• Add, change, delete, and look up books in the inventory file
• Display various sales reports

You will build on the C++ Serendipity project by implementing newly learned features from each chapter. In the end, you will have designed and written a fully functional software package that incorporates most of the topics covered in the text.

DOWNLOAD FILES: Serendipity Booksellers1


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