C# 16.4: Random Sentences and Story Writer (C# OOP, C# Strings, C# Arrays)

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Write an app that uses random-number generation to create sentences.
Use four arrays of strings, called article, noun, verb and preposition. Create a sentence by selecting a word at random from each array in the following order:
article, noun, verb, preposition, article, noun.
As each word is picked, concatenate it to the previous words in the sentence.
The words should be separated by spaces. When the sentence is output, it should start with a capital letter and end with a period. The program should generate 10 sentences and output them to a text box.
The arrays should be filled as follows:
The article array should contain the articles “the”, “a”, “one”, “some” and “any”;
the noun array should contain the nouns “boy”, “girl”, “dog”, “town” and “car”;
the verb array should contain the past-tense verbs “drove”, “jumped”, “ran”, “walked” and “skipped”;
and the preposition array should contain the prepositions “to”, “from”, “over”, “under” and “on”.

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