In this video I demonstrate the use if simple C++ if statements as well as C++ output formatting. PROJECT Be able to write a simple program that will ask the user how many software units [More]
The primary objective is to show how to format C++ output into columns using setw(), setfill(), setprecision(), and fixed commands. PROJECT: Be able to write a simple program that will calculate the gross, net and [More]
In this exercise I demonstrate how C# overloaded constructors work and how the same input may have different outputs based on what constructor is invoked. Also demonstrated are optional arguments in constructor and how the [More]
We finish our program by creating more C++ methods, including a test methods that contains our control values. We put everything together and optimize some of the C++ loops. Create an app that randomly chooses [More]
We continue to build our program and create C++ functions that assign the numbers to a C++ d2 array and displays our magic square on the grid. Create an app that randomly chooses numbers 1-9 [More]
In this tutorial we’ll set up C++ functions that randomly select numbers 1-9 and assigns them to a C++ array. Create an app that randomly chooses numbers 1-9 and evaluates if the result is a [More]
C# How To Program In this tutorial we explore some functionality of C# Math Class. We use C# methods to calculate distance between two points. Write method Distance to calculate the distance between two points [More]
C# How To Program In this C# exercise we go over a basic use of C# methods. This is a C# for beginners tutorial. Write a method IntegerPower( base, exponent ) that returns the value [More]
Starting Out With C++ From Control Structures Through Objects In this exercise will be working with C++ pointers, and C++ arrays. We’ll also see how to pass array as an argument and how to return [More]
We finish this C# OOP exercises by finishing our C# static class and implement everything into our Main method. We test several scenarios to make sure our program performs as expected. Design a class named [More]
With our class structure in place, we create a C# arrays of objects and code the logic for C# File Reading using C# StreamReader and C# File Writing using C# StreamWriter. Design a class named Person [More]
We create  our next C# class called PreferredCustomer with specific C# Properties that apply to this class. Design a class named Person with properties for holding a person’s name, address, and telephone number. Design a [More]