C++ Programming Challenge: Caesar Cipher Cryptography (Working With C++ Chars) based on Harvard’s CS50 Pset2 on edx.org DOWNLOAD SOURCE FILES: CaesarYT
Find all words in the C++ string array that are anagrams to each other. Multiple words can be anagrams. The program should hold any number of words in the C++ array, without hardcoding the size [More]
C# Programming Challenge: Working with C# Two Dimensional Arrays (finding lowest and highest number). Determine the lowest and the highest number in a two dimensional array of integers. DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE: HighestLowest2DArrayYT
C# Programming Challenge: Anagram (using C# arrays, String.ToCharArray, and C# loops) You are given a string array with words. Some of the words are anagrams (the letter from one word creates the second word ie. [More]
Using FETCH NEXT and OFFSET keywords in Trans-SQL Select 10 most expensive Black products. Make sure, all products that have the same price as the 10 most expensive products are selected. DOWNLOAD SOURCE FILES: 10-most-expensive-black-products
Write an SQL query that displays book title, ISBN, and authors for each title. If there are multiple authors, display them all together in one line, each name separated by a ‘|’ character. NOTE: This [More]
Using C# recursion, write C# recursive method Power(base, exponent) that, when called, returns ‘base exponent’ For example, Power(3, 4) = 3 * 3 *3*3. Assume that exponent is an integer greater than or equal to [More]